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Singing with the Aeolian Singers is a very rewarding experience, as shown by the following positive comments from choir members.


I enjoy singing with the Aeolians – their varied choice of music – and the chance to sing in great acoustics. They are a friendly bunch and they aim to achieve a high standard, with friendly but firm guidance from their conductor.


How did the Aeolian Singers’ nickname come about?
We were rehearsing at the Pavilion and the featured work was Andrew Carter’s lovely ‘Benedicite’ which requires a children’s choir as well as the usual adult choir and orchestra line-up. We were joined by the Ace of Herts upper voice choir and on the way up the stairs to the stage for our afternoon rehearsal two children were heard discussing the name of the adult choir. There was some doubt about it and one of them finally said “Mmm, I don’t know. I think they’re called the Aliens.”


The Aeolian Singers is such a friendly choir, and I have been made very welcome since I joined in 2019.  Stephen is patient, encouraging and knowledgeable – it’s great to be led by a conductor who understands singing and singers so well.  He kept us going through lockdown with weekly Zoom rehearsals – though I am not sure my neighbours will have appreciated my Thursday night warbling!

It’s great to be back to meeting in real life.  We work hard but the time flies by.  Learning the notes is important of course but I love getting to the finer points of polishing the performance once the notes are (more or less) in place!


The Aeolians are a friendly and welcoming group of singers, learning a wide repertoire of music. Singing together is great fun!



Rehearsal Schedule
The dates and times of Aeolian Singers’ rehearsals, concerts and other events, can be found on the Aeolian Singers Calendar on this page.

Rehearsal Tracks
This page lists a number of websites offering a variety of rehearsal tracks for the music Aeolian Singers will be singing in our next concert. 

Concert Dress

A photo gallery of the Aeolian Singers in concerts and workshops.