You are most welcome to attend a few rehearsals to see if you would like to join us and become a new member. Have a look at our Rehearsals Page and come along a few times before committing to membership. Also note that new members will have up to one term free of subscription charge.

There is no formal audition, however, after you have been attending approximately 6 rehearsals our music director will have a chat with you to see how you are getting on. He may ask you to sing a few scales and perhaps something from one of the pieces we have been learning.

Some free help for note learning is usually freely available on the internet.
The choir librarian usually has hire music available free of charge for members, or if you wish to own a copy it can be purchased for you.

With effect from September 2021 the annual membership subscription will be £180 and this can be paid in three equal instalments of £60 per term if preferred.

Full time students, Dacorum Card holders and all those under 30 years of age have a much reduced fee.

For further information on how to join, do please email us